What is Carded Yarn? | Process Flow Chart of Carded Yarn Manufacturing

Definition of Carded Yarn | Characteristics of Carded Yarn | Flow Chart of Carded Yarn

What is Carded Yarn?
Carded yarn is a cotton yarn which has been carded but not combed. This type of yarn contains a wide range of fibre length. As a result, carded yarn is not as uniform as combed yarns. It should be noted here that, carded yarns are considerably cheaper and are used in coarse and medium counts.
Carded yarn
Carded yarn 
Properties of Carded Yarn:
Some important characteristics of combed yarn have mentioned in the following:

  1. Carded yarn is comparatively less regular yarn.
  2. It is comparatively lower strength of yarn.
  3. This type of contains neps.
  4. It has less lusture than combed yarn.
  5. This type of yarns is produced including short fibres.
  6. Carded yarn is more hairy than combed yarn.
  7. Combed yarn is cheaper than combed yarn.
  8. It is one of the lower quality of yarn.
  9. It has harder hand feelings.
  10. It has comparatively lower strength than combed yarn.
  11. Normally, low quality fabrics are produced by using this type of yarn.
  12. Dyeing and knitting wastage is very high for carded yarn than combed yarn.
Flow Chart of Carded Yarn Manufacturing Process:
The main flow chart of carded yarn manufacturing is in the below:
Process or Machine Used
Blow room
Carding machine
Breaker draw frame
Finisher draw frame
Roving frame / speed frame / simplex
Ring frame
Carded yarn
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