12 Key Difference Between Latch Needle and Bearded Needle

Comparison Between Bearded Needle and Latch Needle

Latch Needle and Bearded Needle:
Latch needle and bearded needle both are very important types of knitting needle, which are vastly used in knitting for producing knit fabric. This article has presented some key differences among bearded needle and latch needle.
Bearded needle and latch needle used in knitting machine
Bearded needle and latch needle used in knitting machine
Difference Between Latch and Bearded Needle:
SL No.
Latch Needle
Bearded Needle
In case latch needle, stem carries the new loop in the rest position that means clearing position.
In case of bearded needle, around stem where the new loop has formed during fabric manufacturing.
It is vastly used in case of weft knitting.
Bearded needle is used in case of circular single knitting machine.
In latch needle, due to not necessary of extra pressure, needle is self-controllable.
In bearded needle, needle needs extra pressure; needle is not termed as self-controllable.
Latch needle is more costly than bearded needle.
Bearded needle has needle lower cost than latch needle.
Latch needle is not the simplest types of knitting needle.
Bearded needle is the simplest types of knitting needle.
This type of knitting needle has a rigid hook and latches which easily turning around the axis.
Bearded needle has a flexible hooks loop holder which is ultimately enable of enclosing the new loop in order to draw it throughout the previously formed loop.
Here, machine gauge is coarser than bearded needle.
Here, machine gauge is finer than latch needle.
Latch needle has reduced stroke.
Bearded needle has more stroke than latch needle.
Operating system of latch needle is too much complicated.
Bearded needle has easy operating system than latch needle.
The main element of latch needle is latch.
The downward continuation is called beard.
These types of needle are self-acting.
Bearded needle is not self-acting type.
Needed extra pressure to close the loop in case of latch needle.
Bearded needle required extra pressure to close the loop.

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