Parts and Function of Bearded Needle in Knitting Machine

Features of Bearded Needle | Important Parts of Bearded Needle | Uses of Bearded Needle

What is Knitting Needle?
Knitting needle is the fundamental parts of knitting machine which is used for producing knit fabric in textile industry. A knitting machine has three types of needle such as latch needle, bearded needle and compound needle. This article has presented a details discussion on bearded needle with their key features, advantages and uses.
Knitting action of bearded needle
Knitting action of bearded needle
Main Parts of Bearded Needle:
Bearded needled contains the below parts-

  1. The head,
  2. The stem,
  3. The bearded,
  4. The shank,
  5. The eye or groove.
Function of Bearded Needle Parts:
The main functions of bearded needle parts have pointed out in the following:

  1. Here, the stem is turned into hook to draw the new loop through the old loop during running.
  2. Groove, cut in the stem for receiving the pointed tip of the bearded.
  3. In the stem where needle loop has formed.
  4. In shank, this may be bent for individual location in knitting machine with others in a metal lead.
  5. In bearded, it is the curved downward construction of the hook which is ultimately used to separate the old loop.
Key Advantages of Bearded Needle:
Important advantages of bearded needle are-

  1. Bearded needle is simple and cheapest type.
  2. Bearded needle is also known as spring needle.
  3. Also, suitable for loop transfer during fabric manufacturing.
  4. Bearded needle is used in very fine gauge knitting machine.
  5. Bearded needle have needed a closing elements.
  6. It is less expensive than other types of needle of a knitting machine.
Uses of Bearded Needle in Knitting Machine:
The main purposes of using bearded needle in knitting machine are-

  1. It is vastly used in tricot warp knitting machine.
  2. Also used in single jersey circular knitting m/c.
  3. Bearded needle is used in flat bar full fashioning m/c.

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