Bale Management in Textile: Definition, Objects and Procedure

Definition of Bale Management | Purposes of Bale Management in Spinning | Flow Chart of Bale Management in Textile | Process of Bale Management

What is Bale Management in Textile?
Bale management is the process of testing, mixing, sorting bales according to the characteristics of fibre for producing desired quality of yarn at a minimum range of cost.
Bale management in textile
Fig: Bale management in textile

Objects of Bale Management:

The key purposes of bale management have presented in the below:

  1. It also used to meet the functions and end use requirements.
  2. It has done to compensate for the variation in properties of the raw materials.
  3. Used to control or reduce fabric barre.
  4. It has done to provide the desired properties of the end product.
  5. It’s done to reduce raw material cost.
  6. It has done to achieve uniform yarn quality.
  7. To achieve required quality of yarn.
  8. Used to decrease shade variation of the finished fabric.

Importance of Bale Management in Textile:

The significant points have pointed out in the following:

  1. Fabric barre effect is produced if bale management is missed out.
  2. Shade variation is occurred in weaving if bale management is absent.
  3. Color variation has done in knitted yarn if bale management is not used.

Procedure of Bale Management:

Bale management process has done by following the below steps:

  1. Raw cotton,
  2. Moisture percentage testing of bale,
  3. Collecting sample from each bale,
  4. Texting of sample,
  5. Bale classification,
  6. Bale law down,
  7. Mixing.
Some key properties of bale has to follow before bale management. Those are-

  1. Strength,
  2. Trash content,
  3. Fineness,
  4. Maturity,
  5. Length,
  6. Brightness or whiteness and yellowness.
  7. Uniformity.
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