What are the Difference Between Carded Yarn and Combed Yarn?

Comparison Between Combed Yarn and Carded yarn

15 Key Difference Between Carded Yarn and Combed Yarn:
The main differences between combed yarn and carded yarn have explained in the below:

  1. The finished knit fabrics made by combed yarn and carded yarn have no important change because of color fastness to light and color fastness to wash.
  2. In case of color fastness to rubbing, a little effect is found on finished knit fabric made by a same count combed yarn and carded yarn. In some other cases, combed yarn shows better result than carded yarn.
    Basic Differences between caarded yarn and combed yarn
    Basic Differences between carded yarn and combed yarn
  3. Same count of combed and carded yarns has many different characteristics which is totally influence in the quality of fabric.
  4. Combed yarn and carded yarn have great effect on gram per square meter (GSM). Carded yarn produces lower GSM (gram per square meter) fabric than combed yarn, while using the same count for both types of yarn.
  5. Normally, combed yarns are more uniform than carded yarns.
  6. Combed yarn TPI is lower than carded yarn.
  7. While the yarn count is same then shrinkage of all types of fabric produced from carded yarn is more than that produced from combed yarn.
  8. Normally, carded yarn strength is lower than combed yarn of the same count.
  9. Carded yarn is more hairy than combed yarn.
  10. Combed yarns are more lustrous than carded yarns.
  11. Fabric made of Combed yarn is gentle against the skin.
  12. Combed yarn production process is not easier than carded yarn production process.
  13. Carded yarn is cheaper than combed yarn.
  14. The resistance of pilling effect on fabric surface produced by combed yarn provides better result than same count of carded yarn.
  15. Less amount of loose hairy fibers are removed from combed yarn by knitting process and pretreatment process than carded yarn. As a result fabric produced from combed yarn shows less GSM (gram per square meter) than fabric produced from carded yarn after finishing.
From the above discussion, it can be said that in case of producing fabric from combed yarn should maintain lower gram per square meter (GSM) than carded yarn fabric for achieving same finished gram per square meter (GSM).

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