List 7 Differences Between a Dye and a Pigment in Textile

Key Differences Between Dye and Pigment in Textile Industry

What is Dye in Textile?

It is a colored substance that has been affected to the substrate for which it is being applied. In wet processing technology, the dye is normally applied in an aqueous solution. It should be pointed out that, the dye may require a mordant to develop the fastness properties of the dye on the fiber.

What Types of Dye Used in Textile Wet Processing?

There are different types of dye used in textile wet process industries which are mentioned below:

  1. Acid dye,
  2. Basic dye,
  3. Direct dye,
  4. Mordant dye,
  5. Vat dye,
  6. Reactive dye,
  7. Disperse dye,
  8. Azoic dye,
  9. Sulfur dye.
What is Pigment in Textile?
In the textile industry, the pigment is a material that changes the color of transmitted or reflected light due to wavelength-selective absorption. This type of physical procedure compares phosphorescence, fluorescence, and also the remaining forms of luminescence, where a material emits light.
Difference between dye and pigment in textile
Fig: Difference between dye and pigment in textile

Distinguish Between Dye and Pigment: 

Some key differences between dye and pigment have discussed in the below table:
SL No.
Dye has 70% water solubility.
The pigment has 100% water solubility.
Dye has fastness characteristics or properties.
The pigment has good fastness properties.
Most of all the dyes are organic compounds and the remaining are metallic compounds.
Most of the pigments are inorganic compounds.
Dye diffusion in fabric.
Pigment diffusion on the fabric.
It’s not possible to dye all types of fabric by using dye.
All types of fabric can be dyed by using this.
No binding agent is required in the case of dye.
The binding agent is required in the case of pigment.
It is costly as these are prepared chemically.
It is cheap as these are found by mineral origin.

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