What Types of Pigment Dye Used in Textile Dyeing?

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What is Pigment Dye? 

Pigment is a substance in a particulate form that is substantially insoluble in a medium but which can be mechanically dispersed in this medium to modify its color and light-scattering characteristics or properties.

Pigment dye used in textile industry
Pigment dye used in textile industry

Types of Pigment Used in Textile Industry: 

Pigment is classified into two, where one is organic and another one is inorganic pigments. Both pigments have discussed in the below:
1. Organic Pigment: 
It is based on carbon rings and carbon chains. It also contain inorganic elements i.e. metallic which helps to stabilize the properties or characteristics of the organic component.
Classification of Organic Pigment: 
Organic Pigment is classified into following:

  1. Polycyclic pigment,
  2. Quinophthalone pigment,
  3. Anthraquinone pigment,
  4. Azo pigment,
  5. Triayl carbonium pigment,
  6. Dioxazine pigment.
2. Inorganic Pigment: 
It is a chemical compound which is not based on carbon. It is generally metallic salts which precipitated from solutions.

Classification of Inorganic Pigment: 
Inorganic pigment is classified into below:

  1. Black pigment,
  2. White pigment,
  3. Color pigment,
  4. Special pigment.
Advantages of Pigment: 
Key advantages of pigment have pointed out in the following:

  1. Light fastness is very high.
  2. Color strength is high.
  3. Weather fastness is very good.
  4. It provides bright shades.
Disadvantages of Pigment: 
Disadvantages of pigment are-

  1. Harsh fabric,
  2. Rubbing.
Trade Name of Pigment Dyes:
SL No.
Brand Name
Company Name
Country Name
Microfix dye
Printofix dye
Helizarine dye
W. Germany
Acramine dye
W. Germany
Impersion dye
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