Duties or Role of Apparel Production Manager Before Starting Production

Apparel Production Manager Responsibilities:

Managers must take some preparation before starting the apparel production of new style in the production line. Uninterrupted production demands continuous supply of right quality of inputs in right quantity and in right time. If specified materials are not available in designated quality and quantity, apparel production cannot commence.
Apparel production manager in the floor
Fig: Apparel production manager in the floor
If under such a situation managers start production, the sewing line would be out of production automatically due to production of shoddy goods or less quantity would be produced due to shortage of materials. Besides, supervisors and managers must collect production order sheet or P.O sheet or work sheet containing guidelines regarding the buyer requirements. So it is obvious that there is stringent requirement of necessary preparation before commence or production of a new style clothing.

7 Factors to Consider When Starting Apparel Production:

The following factors & documents should consider & collect before staring the apparel production.
  1. Collect work sheet or production order sheet.
  2. Collect buyer approved production sample with buyer’s instructions if any.
  3. Collect or prepare buyer approved swatch or trim cards.
  4. Collect status of availability of all types of raw materials.
  5. Collect or make production lay out consistent with production & shipment plan.
  6. Consider learning time during production planning.
  7. Supervisor must plan right collection of sewing operators for each type of processes.

Impact of Running Apparel Production without Necessary Preparations:

If all the specified preparation has been completed then apparel production can commence. If production commence without right preparation, there is every possibility that apparel production would be disrupted and the following complications may arise:
  1. Have to arrange overtime for completing the apparel production before the shipment schedule.
  2. Delay in supply of inputs.
  3. Delay in shipping the products.
  4. Buyer may offer discount on predetermined apparel costing due to failure of shipping time.
  5. Possibility of order rejection by the buyer.
  6. Possibility of losing buyer for the next apparel export order.

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