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What is Shipping or Shipment and Forwarding?

Shipment is the process of expediting the goods to the buyer through the proper means of transport so that it reaches the buyer safely and in right time. There are mostly used 13 International Shipping Terms and Conditions in Export Import Business.
International shipping and forwarding process
Fig: International shipping and forwarding process

Shipping and forwarding is the sequence of activities involved in sending the packing or packed apparel to the buyer who is in the foreign country. After the goods are packed, those have to be sent to the buyer safely.

Shipping of good requires two things- a container to carry the carton boxes and a vehicle to carry the container.

What is Included in Shipping and Handling?

A handling fee is a quantity or amount which is charged to a customer on top of the purchase price and sales tax. It’s often seen that, providers quote a shipping and handling fee with the export order. The handling fee includes or covers the cost for the packaging, repackaging and movement of goods.

Different Types of Shipping Methods:

There are several methods of shipping the apparel to the buyer foreign. All types of shipping methods are listed in the following:
  1. Shipping by using sea port,
  2. Shipping by using airport,
  3. Shipping by using land port,
  4. Shipping by combination of the above.
Shipping Process Chart in Export Import Business:

There are a lot of legal and regulatory formalities to be fulfilled in the shipping process and everything incurs a cost. The process sequence of the shipment is presented in the below:

Ready goods or apparel
Forwarding agent
Loading in the ship
Reaching the destination
Forwarding agent
Transit sheds
Customs checking
Loading in the ship
Payment of all port dues
Get mate receipt
Bill of loading

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