Hattersley Loom Used in Weaving: Definition, Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Definition of Hattersley Loom | Characteristics of Hattersley Loom | Advantages and Disadvantages of Hattersley Loom

What is Hattersley Loom?
Geaorge Hattersley and sons of Kighley developed the hattersley loom in the West Yorskshire of England in 1856. This type of loom act in the same manner as like as power loom without the movement of slay which either operated manually or by using power into the top shaft.
Hattersley loom used in weaving factory
Hattersley loom used in weaving factory
Features of Hattersley Loom:
Important characteristics of hatersley loom has pointed out in the following:

  1. In case of hattersley loom, shedding is formed from the bottom shaft in case of plane weave.
  2. Shedding, beating up, picking, let off and taking up motions are automatically operated in hattersley loom.
  3. Hattersley loom is lighter then power loom.
  4. Here, five wheel take up motion is used for completing take up actions.
  5. This type of loom works as the same manner of power loom in weaving technology.
Advantages of Hatersley Loom:
Some key advantages of hattersley loom has mentioned in the following:

  1. This type of loom is lighter than power loom.
  2. In harresley loom, maximum motions are motive by using power.
  3. An average weaver or operator can easily run this loom.
  4. It also ensure uniform insertion of pick during fabric manufacturing.
  5. Hattersley loom also ensure uniform beat up during fabric weaving.
Disadvantages of Hattersley Loom:
All the disadvantages of hattersley loom are-

  1. In case of manual driving, more than 50” read space cannot control.
  2. Five wheel take up provides jerkey motion.
  3. An operator cannot weave the fabric at the long period of time by using this machine.
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