Rapier Loom Machine in Textile Weaving: Definition, Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Definition of Rapier Loom | Characteristics of Rapier Loom | Advantages and Disadvantages of Rapier Loom

What is Rapier Loom?
Rapier loom is a shuttleless loom machine. Here, filling yarn is carried through the shed of the warp yarns into another side of the loom by finger like carriers. This type of looms is competitors to the missille looms.
Rapier loom machine used in weaving sector
Rapier loom machine used in weaving sector
Rapier loom is classified into two types, where one is long rapier and another one is single rapier or double rapier. In case of single rapier, it carries the weft yarn across the fabric width from one of loom to another. One rapier feed the filling yarn half way through the shed of warp yarn to the arm the other side, which reach in and takes it across the rest of the way.

Features of Rapier Loom:
Some key features of rapier loom have pointed out in the below:

  1. Higher production cost in rapier loom.
  2. Rapier loom machine consumes moderate power.
  3. This type of loom machine is suitable for weft patterning.
  4. Fancy fabric is produced by using rapier loom in weaving sector.
  5. Normally, rapier loom has a simple mechanism.
  6. In case of rapier loom, standard rapier with stands at 190 cm.
Advantages of Rapier Loom:
The main advantages of rapier loom machine have presented in the following:

  1. Rapier loom is too much perfect for weft patterning.
  2. Rapier loom has a simple mechanism.
  3. Fancy fabric is produced here.
  4. Higher production cost than others loom machine.
  5. Production speed of rapier loom machine varies from 200-260 ppm.
  6. This type of loom machine consumes moderate power than others.
Disadvantages of Rapier Loom:
Various disadvantages of rapier loom are –

  1. In case of rapier loom, noise level is higher than jet loom machine.
  2. Here, production speed is less than jet loom.
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