How to Calculate Sewing Thread Consumption in Apparel Industry?

Sewing Thread Consumption Calculation Method in Apparel Sector:

Sewing thread consumption calculation is one of the most important factors in apparel merchandising. An apparel merchandiser must have accurate knowledge about the sewing thread consumption process. Otherwise, sewing thread will be shortage during apparel production. In another two articles i have shared Sewing Thread Consumption for Different Stitches and Sewing Thread Consumption for Different Apparel. Now, i have presented here the sewing thread calculation method.
Sewing thread consumption calculation method in apparel industry
Fig: Sewing thread consumption calculation method in apparel industry
Sewing Thread Consumption Calculation Process in Apparel Industry:

In apparel manufacturing industry, sewing thread can be calculating by following four methods. Those are in the below:

  1. Stitch and unravel method.
  2. Stitch and measure method,
  3. Arithmetic method,
  4. Using software programme.

All the above methods have explained in the following:

1. Stitch and Unravel Method:

In this method, at first the fabric is first sewn up to a standard length say for 10cm or 20cm. then the stitched sewing thread is unraveled fully and then the length of the sewing thread is measured. This is more time consuming method.

For example, if for 10cm of stitch length, after unraveling the sewing thread length is 1 meter, then the sewing thread consumption is 1 meter per 10cm or 10cm per cm of stitch length.

2. Stitch and Measure Method:

In case of this method, a standard length of sewing thread is taken or marked; say for example, 5 meters or 10 meters. Then it is sewn fully till the sewing thread is finished or the mark is reached in the sewing needle. Now, measure the length of the stitch length. This is one of the easiest methods of sewing thread calculation.

For example, for 10 meters of sewing thread, if the stitch length is 1 meter then the sewing thread consumption is 10 meters per meter of stitch length or 1 meter per 10cm of stitch length or 10cm per cm of stitch length.

3. Arithmetical Method:

In this method, sewing thread requirement may be calculated using the parameters like stitch length, stitch width, stitch depth or height and stitches per inch or cm.

Sewing thread consumption,

= {(Stitch length + stitch width + stitch depth) × stitch per inch or cm}

But this method is difficult for stitches where multiple sewing threads are used.

4. Using Software Programme:
There are sewing thread software programme namely “sewing thread inventory planner” is used to calculate the sewing thread requirement in an effective way. Sewing thread requirement can be quickly and easily can be calculated from a folder without much effort For the most important product groups in men’s and boy’s wear and ladies wear. This programme is built on a basis of illustrations of models and model elements and their respective sewing thread requirements.
This programme will consider all the important parameters that influence on the sewing thread consumption, creates exact sewing thread consumption calculation per sewing operation.
All one needs to do is just enter the required seam positions that are to be calculated and the respective parameters. The calculation and exact calculation is done by the software.

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