Clothing Waste Statistics | Standard Waste Percentage in Textile and Apparel Industry

Clothing Waste or Wastage: A Details Discussion

Standardization Process of Waste (%):

The varying characteristics and properties of textile material and different types of process & methods lead to the higher waste or wastage percentage. The lack of awareness and concept of standardization or processes, methods, materials etc. also play an important role in increasing wastage or waste. The commitment to R&D in Bangladeshi apparel industry is also very less when compared to the other developing counties. Effective cost reduction can be done if the areas of waste or wastages are identified clearly and necessary actions are taken to control and reduce the textile & apparel waste or wastage.
Textile and clothing waste or wastage
Fig: Textile and clothing waste or wastage
Standardization of Wastage Percentage in Textile and Apparel Sector:
Standardization of waste or wastage percentage is too much necessary to control and reduce the waste in the apparel manufacturing. Due to various types of materials, machines, methods, specifications, capacities etc. are being used in the apparel manufacturing it is also very important to go for the standardization of different processes, raw materials, methods etc.
Standardization also enables easy, accurate and effective calculation. It must be done after conducting number of trial studies and analyzing the data. After that, the average standard waste or wastage percentage for each process, machines, materials, methods etc. must be finalized.

Factors of Waste Standardization Process in Textile and Apparel Factories:

The below factors are to be considered while going for the standardization process:
  1. Nature of raw material,
  2. Process sequence or process chart,
  3. Types of machine,
  4. Procedures or methods,
  5. Specifications,
  6. Capacity of machine or method.

Standard Wastage Percentage in Textile and Apparel Manufacturing Factory:

The general standard wastage or waste percentage being adapted in the knit apparel manufacturing industry is shown in the given table which is collected from the several apparel manufacturing factories:

SL No.
Name of Process
Waste or Wastage%
Special operations

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