Importance of Compliance for Higher Apparel Productivity

Importance of Compliance for Higher Apparel Productivity

What is Compliance in Manufacturing Factory?

In textile and apparel manufacturing industry, compliance means conformity of certain standards. These standards should be maintained by every textile and clothing manufacturing factories to provide a moderate working conditions for their employees. Though, there are so many compliance factory around the world but still there are some lacking’s of proper compliance issues. 
Compliance apparel factory in Bangladesh
Fig: Compliance apparel factory in Bangladesh

Importance of Compliance in Textile and Apparel Sector:

Many apparel manufacturing factories in Bangladesh have very poor productivity. Because they do not care to comply with the labor laws, laws of the land, ILO Conventions & Codes of Conduct. The issues of non-compliance are diverse and varied. Such as-
  1. Non-delivery of salary & overtime on time,
  2. Forcing labor in the form of coercing workers to work day in and a day out.
  3. Off the clock work without allowing week-ends and legally mandated holidays.
  4. Rampant harassment, insult, panicky situations in the apparel manufacturing industry.
  5. Unsafe & unhygienic work conditions.
  6. Lack of medical facilities, so on and so forth.
Workers not getting salary, overtime on designated dates instantaneously become angry, unhappy and so demotivated and frustrated. 

Each and every other factor mentioned above makes the workers dissatisfied and unhappy on the job. Unhappy and so demotivated employees cannot deliver either quality or productivity.

Scientists over the last one and half century made continuous investigations so as to know and understand the reasons of employee motivation and demotivation, why people behave differently on the workplace and how to make workplace attractive and congenial. 

After the Second World War, hundreds of new states emerged as sovereign nations. Most of the sates made laws related to workplace regulations so that workers can perform their job in congenial work environment in a situation of safety, dignity and with motivation which were conceived of to lead to higher quality and productivity. 

The factors elucidated above are parts of laws enshrined in the law books of most of the nations. Those and lot of other factors were also enshrined in ILO Conventions designed and put into effect by the International Labor Organization since 1919.

Bangladesh has comprehensive labor laws, which if complied by apparel manufacturing factories may make apparel workplace safe, congenial for worker motivation 7 so for higher quality & productivity. 

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