Important Properties of Yarn

Characteristics of Yarn | Mechanical Characteristics of Yarn | Tensile Characteristics of Yarn

What is Yarn?
Fabric quality means different characteristics of finished fabric which is totally depends on yarn characteristics and fabric construction. The quality of hosiery yarn has to be considered with due weight-age to fluidity of knitted structures and their influence on knit fabrics quality.
The crucial yarn properties to be considered would be twist in yarn for shortest possible gauge length, within variation of friction in yarn, yarn irregularity, torsional rigidity and flexural rigidity.

Mechanical Properties of Yarn:
Some important mechanical properties of yarn are-

  1. Frictional properties,
  2. Flexural properties,
  3. Tensile properties,
  4. Torsional properties.
Tensile Properties of Yarn:
Important tensile properties of yarn are-

  1. Elasticity,
  2. Breaking extension,
  3. Plasticity,
  4. Elastic limit,
  5. Breaking point,
  6. Elongation.
Properties of Yarn for Knit Fabric Manufacturing:
The below characteristics of yarn has needed during knit fabric manufacturing or knitting.

  1. Yarn count,
  2. Co-efficient of variation (CV %),
  3. Twist in yarn,
  4. Twist variation in yarn,
  5. Regularity or evenness of the yarn,
  6. Imperfection in the yarn,
  7. Thick place in the yarn,
  8. Neps,
  9. Thin place in yarn,
  10. Hairiness,
  11. Yarn strength,
  12. Strength variation in yarn.
Effect of Fibre Length on Yarn Properties:
Those are-

  1. Yarn strength,
  2. Processing efficiency,
  3. Yarn handle,
  4. Yarn count,
  5. Yarn hairiness,
  6. Lustre,
  7. Yarn evenness,
  8. Production.
Effect of Fibre Fineness on Yarn Properties:
Those are-

  1. Yarn count,
  2. Yarn strength,
  3. Flexibility,
  4. Lustre,
  5. Spinning limit,
  6. Torsional property.
Effect of Fibre Strength on Yarn Properties:
Those are-

  1. Fibre damage,
  2. Yarn strength,
  3. Spinning performance.
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