Important Requirements of Warping

Sectional Warping: Advantage and Disadvantage | High Speed Warping: Advantage and Disadvantage

Warping is the very important process before sizing. There are mainly two types of warping named sectional warping or pattern warping and high speed warping or beam warping. This article has presented various advantages and disadvantages of both sectional warping and high speed warping.
Sectional warping process
Sectional warping process
Requirements of Warping:
To get the required quality warp beam, the following requirements of warping must be maintained:

  1. Here, warping predetermined length should be observed.
  2. Wounded ends tension must be uniform here.
  3. Wounded ends beam density must be uniform.
  4. Warping package surface must be cylindrical.
  5. Warping production rate should be high.
  6. During warping, yarn should not be damaged.
  7. During warping, yarn breakage should be as minimum as possible.
  8. Here, warp beam should be free from all kinds of faults such as slack ends, cross ends, missing ends, damaged flanges, wild yarn etc.
  9. Warping might not impair the mechanical and physical properties of yarn.
Advantages of Sectional Warping:
Some important advantages of sectional warping have pointed out in the below:

  1. It is used to produce fancy fabric.
  2. Wastage cab be reduces here.
  3. Ready weavers beam be obtained here.
  4. Beam can be found instantly.
  5. Here, small amount of yarn is needed to produce.
Disadvantages of Sectional Warping:
All the disadvantages of sectional warping have mentioned in the following:

  1. It is less productive process.
  2. Here, yarn tension is less uniform than high speed warping.
  3. It is a slow process.
  4. This process is less efficient than high speed warping.
Advantages of High Speed Warping:
Various advantages of high speed warping process are-

  1. Its efficiency is high than sectional warping process.
  2. Creel capacity is high.
  3. It is used to produce common fabric.
  4. Its working speed is high.
  5. Higher production of creel.
  6. Production is high here.
Disadvantages of High Speed Warping:
Some disadvantages of high speed warping process are in the below:

  1. To produce warp beam, higher amount of yarn is required.
  2. Here, final beam is achieved after completing sizing process.

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