Main Features of Knitting Machine | Knitting Machine Characteristics

What is Knitting Machine?

A knitting machine is thus an apparatus for the application of mechanical movement either power or hand drive to primary knitting elements to convert yarn into knitted loop structures.

There are different types of knitting machines used for producing knit fabric such as straight bar frame knitting machines, flat knitting machines, circular knitting machines, tricot warp knitting machines, Rachel warp knitting machines, etc.  A knitting machine is used to produce various types of fabric such as single jersey, double jersey, Lacoste, etc.

Features of Knitting Machine:

Some key features of the knitting machine have pointed out in the following:

  1. The machine control and drive system coordinate the power for the drive of the devices and mechanisms.
  2. The frame is normally free-standing and either circular or rectilinear according to needle bed shape which provides the support for the majority of the machine mechanisms.
  3. The knitting system includes the knitting element, their housing, drive, and control as well as associated pattern and selection and apparel length control devices.
  4. Knitting depthless by the operation of knitting elements such as-
  • Sinker: which is used to hold down the new loop,
  • Needle: which issued to form a loop,
  • Cam: it is used to up and down the needle during knitting.
  1. The yarn supply consists of the below matters:
  • Tensioning devices,
  • Beam accommodation or yarn package,
  • Guides or yarn feed carriers,
  • Yarn feed control.
  1. During production, some key checking points of the machine acts simultaneously which are-
  • Fabric fault detector,
  • Stop motion,
  • Needle detector,
  • Lint removal system, automatic oilers.
  1. The knitting machine has a fabric take away mechanism and this type f mechanism consists of –
  • Fabric winding-up device,
  • Fabric tensioning device,
  • Fabric accommodation devices.

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