List of Textile Fibers Used in Textile Industry

What Types of Textile Fibers Used in Textile Manufacturing Industry?

What is Fiber in Textile?
Fiber is defined as one of the exquisite, hair portions of the tissues of an animal or plant or other substances that are very small in diameter in relation to their length. It should be noted here that, a fiber is a material which is several hundred times as long as it’s thick.

What is Textile Fiber?
A fibber that can be spun into yarn or have to pass processing into textile like as knit fabric, woven fabric, felt, lace, non-woven etc. by means of appropriate interlacing method is termed as textile fiber.

Textile fiber types
Fig: Textile fiber types

Properties of Textile Fiber:
All the characteristics of textile fiber (Physical, chemical, mechanical, thermal, electrical properties) have mentioned in the following:

1. Chemical Properties of Textile Fiber:

  • Effect of micro-organism,
  • Chemical composition,
  • Effects of alkalis,
  • Effects of acids,
  • Effects of insects,
  • Effects of organic solvents.

2. Physical Properties of Textile Fiber:

  • Specific strength or tenacity,
  • Fineness,
  • Specific gravity,
  • Initial young modulus,
  • Breaking length,
  • Swelling R water relation %,
  • Glass-transmission temperature,
  • Discoloration,
  • Thermal conductivity,
  • Specific heat,
  • Length,
  • Moisture regain and moisture content,
  • Elongation,
  • Elastic recovery,
  • Extension,
  • Static electrification,
  • Crystalline melting point,
  • Burning behavior,
  • Pilling behavior,
  • Maturity,
  • Limited oxygen demand.

3. Mechanical Properties of Textile Fiber:

  • Tensile strength,
  • Compressive strength,
  • Specific modulus,
  • Yield strength,
  • Shear strength,
  • Stiffness or Young’s modulus,
  • Elasticity.

4. Thermal Properties of Textile Fiber:
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion,

  • Flammability,
  • Melting point,
  • Thermal conductivity,
  • Specific heat capacity,
  • Glass transition temperature.

List of Fibers Used in Textile Industry:
All the fibers used in textile manufacturing industry have listed in the following:

A. Animal Based Fibers:

Those are-

  1. Alpaca fiber,
  2. Azlon fiber,
  3. Byssus fiber,
  4. Camel hair fiber,
  5. Llama fiber,
  6. Qiviut fiber,
  7. Rabbit fiber,
  8. Chiengora fiber,
  9. Silk fiber,
  10. Yak fiber,
  11. Vicuna fiber,
  12. Wool fiber,
  13. Angora woo fiber l,
  14. Lamb’s wool fiber,
  15. Mohair wool fiber,
  16. Cashmere wool fiber.

B. Plant Based Fibers (Cellulosic Fibers):
Those are-

  1. Acetate fiber,
  2. Apocynum cannabinum fiber,
  3. Bamboo fiber,
  4. Abaca fiber,
  5. Hemp fiber,
  6. Lyocell fiber,
  7. Cedar bark textile fiber,
  8. Esparto fiber,
  9. Modal fiber,
  10. Banana fiber,
  11. Cotton fibre,
  12. Raffia fiber,
  13. Rayon fiber,
  14. Kapok fiber,
  15. Soy protein fiber,
  16. Flax fiber,
  17. Jute fiber,
  18. Tapa cloth fiber,
  19. Kenaf fiber,
  20. Pina fiber,
  21. Ramie fiber, Sisal fiber,
  22. Bast fiber,
  23. Fique fiber,
  24. Papyrus fiber,
  25. Straw fiber.

C. Mineral Based Fibers:
Those are-

  1. Asbestos cloth fiber,
  2. Basalt fiber,
  3. Glass fiber.

D. Synthetic Fibers:
Those are-

  1. Acrylic fiber,
  2. Nomex fiber,
  3. Modacrylic fiber,
  4. Spandex fiber,
  5. Kevlar fiber,
  6. Rayon fiber,
  7. Nylon fiber,
  8. Polyester fiber.

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