Main Reasons of Sizing Faults

Sizing Faults | Causes of Sizing Faults

Sizing Defects:
After applying sizing process in warp yarn, different types of changes occurred such as increase frictional resistance, flexibility, smoothness etc. During completing this process, several defects are produced which are deeply discussed in this article.
Different Types of Sizing Faults with Their Causes
Faults of Sizing:
There are different types of sizing faults arise in sizing process of weaving technology, which are pointed out in the below:

  1. Uneven sizing,
  2. Hard sizing,
  3. Sandy warp,
  4. Size spots,
  5. Shinnery,
  6. Size dropping,
  7. Ridge beam,
  8. Improper drying,
  9. Size stitching,
  10. Repeating warp streaks.
All the above sizing faults have explained in the following:

1. Uneven Sizing:
Causes of Uneven Sizing:
  • Its arise due or under or over sizing process,
  • Its arise because of under or over concentration of size liquor.
2. Hard Sizing:
Causes of Hard sizing:
When sizing ingredients applied to much in the warp yarn then size becomes too much hard which ultimately causes of hard sizing.

3. Sandy Warp:
Causes of Sandy Warp:
This type of fault produced due to grind or crushed the size material perfectly.

4. Size Spots:
Causes of Size Spots:
During sizing process in warp yarn, size ingredients must be added gradually into the chemical mixing tank for perfect mixing of chemical. It if it’s not happened there, then this type of fault is produced.

5. Shinnery:
Causes of Shinnery:
This type of defects produced because of the friction between drying cylinder and warp yarn.

6. Size Dropping:
Cause of Size Dropping:
This types of defects should be removed as soon as possible which is produced due to not optimum the viscosity of sizing solution.

7. Ridge Beam:
Causes of Ridge Beam:
Ridge beam faults of sizing is produced due to unequal distribution of yarn wraith during sizing process.
8. Improper Drying:
Causes of Improper Drying:
Here, in case of over drying, hard sizing defects produced and in case of over drying, bacteria formed. As a result, yarn breakage occurred here.

9. Size Stitching:
Causes of Size Stitching:
When drying will not perfect after completing sizing process, then this type of faults produced.

10. Repeating Warp Streaks:
Causes of Repeating Warp Streaks:
Repeating warp streaks defects are produced because of improper tension in the pre-beam.

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