16 Causes of Warp Yarn Breakage in Sizing

Yarn Breakage in Weaving

Yarn Breakage in Sizing Process:
Among the major defects of sizing, warp yarn breakage is one of the major causes. It will be happened due to so many reasons which are deeply discussed in this article.
Yarn Breakage in Sizing Process
Excess sizing machine speed will causes yarn breakage
Reasons of Yarn Breakage in Sizing Process:
The below matters are responsible for warp yarn breakage in sizing process:

  1. Defective machine parts,
  2. Excessive machine speed,
  3. Weak warp yarn,
  4. Faulty preparation of warp,
  5. Repeating warp streaks,
  6. Size spots,
  7. Hard sizing or excessive concentration of sizing,
  8. Unsuitable humidity,
  9. Crossing of warp ends,
  10. Faulty cylinder surface,
  11. Faulty warp yarn,
  12. Improper and uneven tension,
  13. Faulty adjustment,
  14. Insufficient care of machine,
  15. Faults of worker,
  16. Sandy size.
All the above causes have explained in the following:

1. Defective machine parts:
Breakage in warp yarn occurred due to faulty machine parts.

2. Excessive machine speed:
Higher m/c speed causes the warp yarn breakage during sizing process.
3. Weak warp yarn:
Yarn breakage done because of using weak warp yarn in sizing.

4. Faulty preparation of warp:
Defective warp preparation helps to break warp yarn during sizing processing.
5. Repeating warp streaks:
The main cause here is less squeezing the sizing materials.

6. Size spots:
It’s occurred because of defective mixing of sizing ingredients.
7. Hard sizing or excessive concentration of sizing:
Hard sizing or excessive concentration of sizing produces uneven sizing, size dropping, improper drying, size sticking etc. which causes warp yarn breakage.
8. Unsuitable humidity:
The quality of yarn changes due to unsuitable humidity.

9. Crossing of warp ends:
The warp yarn overlap with each other during completing sizing process because of crossing warp ends.

10. Faulty cylinder surface:
It is the other reason of yarn breakage.

11. Faulty warp yarn:
Defective warp may be various types and in various causes such as slubby, nepped, immature, hairiness and uneven etc.

12. Improper and uneven tension:
Here, warp yarn breakage occurred if beam tension is not at constant rate.

13. Faulty adjustment:
Separating rod, not correct setting of comb, and other parts.
14. Insufficient care of machine:
Warp yarn breakage occurred if machine parts are inert.
15. Faults of worker:
It’s a major cause for creating warp breakage during completing sizing process.
16. Sandy size:
Larger sized sizing ingredients helps to break warp yarn in sizing.

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