Major Components of a Basic Shirt | Operation Breakdown of a Basic Shirt

Major Components and Operation Breakdown of Basic Shirt

Names of Parts of a Basic Shirt and Equipment’s Required for Manufacturing:

The shirt has become one of the most common and popular items of menswear though women also do not lag behind in making use of them. There are varieties of shirt design. Some are formal and basic white others are casual type and may incorporate unique design features. Shirts have become the most popular outer wear in the hot & humid countries. Cold countries find them as common apparel worn under a coat or jacket. It should be noted here that, dress shirts are shirt which enable to use a neck tie. 

Parts of basic shirt
Fig: Components of basic shirt
Different Parts of a Basic Shirt:
Basic shirts comprise the following major parts:
  1. Collar (One piece collar, Two piece bounded collar, Multi piece collar etc.),
  2. Cuffs (Squared, rounded, pointed, notched etc.
  3. Two full sleeves,
  4. Left front with one pocket and buttonhole stand (Top center of front placket),
  5. Right front incorporating button stand,
  6. Yoke (One piece single yoke, Two piece double yoke etc.
  7. Back part,
  8. Armhole,
  9. Bottom hem,
  10. Sleeve placket,
  11. Label.

Operation Breakdown of Casual Shirt Or Formal Shirt:

All the major parts are prepared separately & later assembled together to form a shirt. Process flow diagram of apparel breakdown and their assembly have shown in the below:


Breakdown analysis of a basic shirt
Fig: Breakdown analysis of a basic shirt

What Types of Sewing Machine Required for Shirt Manufacturing?
The below sewing machines has needed during shirt manufacturing:

  1. Edge neatening or over lock sewing machine,
  2. Plain or lock stitch sewing machine,
  3. Button holing machine,
  4. Feed of the arm sewing machine,
  5. Flat lock sewing machine,
  6. Button attaching machine.

What Types of Trimmings and Accessories Used for Shirt Manufacturing?
The below trimmings and accessories are used to make shirt in clothing manufacturing factory.

  1. Neck board,
  2. Tissue paper,
  3. Poly bag,
  4. Collar insert,
  5. Butter flies,
  6. Safety Pin,
  7. Buckle,
  8. Back board,
  9. Tag ping,
  10. Hang tang,
  11. Price tick,
  12. Interlining,
  13. Tag pin,
  14. Brass Pin. 

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