Textile Printing | Printing Cost Calculation Formula | Printing Cost in Bangladesh

Textile Printing Cost Calculation Formula and Printing Cost in Bangladesh

What is Textile Printing or Fabric Printing? 

Textile printing is the method of applying color on the fabric in the particular patterns or designs. In case of printed fabrics, color is bonded with the fiber so as to resist friction and washing. Textile printing is related with dyeing but in case of textile dyeing; the total fabric is uniformly covered with one color whereas in textile printing, one or more colors are applied on the fabric in certain parts only and in sharply defined patterns.
Printing cost calculation formula in textile industry
Printing cost calculation formula in textile industry
Printing Cost Calculation Law or Formula in Textile:

The following formula is used during calculating printing cost in textile industry.

Printing cost per kg,

        D.M+ D.L+ D.E+ O.H
= ………………………………..

       Total print production

D.M means direct material cost,
D.L means direct labor cost,
D.E means direct expense cost,

O.H means overhead cost.

Major Elements Printing Cost in Textile:

The major cost elements in the printing processes are listed in the following:

  1. Direct material = Dyes, chemicals, transfer paper or glitter or foil paper.
  2. Direct labor = Operators and helpers in print production,
  3. Direct expense = Curing, steaming etc. (If necessary),
  4. Overhead = Steam, power, salary, rent etc.
Key Factors of Printing Cost in Textile Industry:

There are some key factors which influence the printing cost excessively, those are pointed out in the below:

  1. Types of printing- Discharge, pigment, reactive, resist, block etc.
  2. Method of printing- Machine printing: flat bed, rotary and manual printing: table.
  3. Size of print design- Big, small etc.
  4. Types of fabric– Open width fabric or tubular fabric.
  5. Number of colors used in print.
  6. Chemicals and dyes used in printing.
  7. After printing treatment- Steaming, curing etc.
  8. Machine cost, interest, depreciation, maintenance etc.
  9. Production capacity of print factory.
Approximate Cost of Printing in Bangladesh:
SL No.
Types of Printing
Cost or Price for each print
Pigment printing
25-40 taka per kg
Plasticol printing
8.00 taka per pc
10.00 taka per pc
Flock printing
25 taka per pc
Reactive in rotary
50-100 taka per kg
1.00 taka per pc
Curing (Apparel)
0.30 taka per pc
Curing (Fabric)
9.00 taka per kg

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