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Apparel Quality Inspection or Checking:
Quality is an important issue in today’s readymade apparel business. Foreign buyer wants accurate quality products at reasonable price. Quality is the main priority for them. Even there are so many brands which are invested a huge number of dollars to promote their apparel brands by providing perfect quality products to their customers. To ensure required quality apparel, some processes have to maintain in apparel industry. Among those processes quality checking is the main i.e. spreading, cutting, sewing, finishing etc.
Fig: Apparel checking or inspection cost calculation
Stage of Apparel Checking or Inspection in Clothing Industry:

There are mainly three steps of apparel checking or inspection in apparel manufacturing industry. Those are-

  1. Raw material Inspection or Checking, 
  2. In Process Inspection:
    It includes-
  • Cutting section
  • Sewing section,
  • Finishing section.
    3. Final Inspection:
It includes-
  • Hundred person inspection system,
  • No inspection system,
  • Acceptance sampling plan,
  • Arbitrary sampling plan.
Apparel Checking Cost Calculation Formula in Clothing Sector:

The following formula is used in apparel checking cost calculation.

Checking cost per apparel,
     D.M + D.L + D.E + O.H
= ………………………………….

   Total checking production

D.M is direct material cost,
D.L is direct labor cost,
D.E is direct expense cost,

O.H is overhead cost.

Main Elements of Garment Checking or Inspection Cost:
The below elements involved in the apparel checking process:
  1. Direct material cost- Size stickers (If needed),
  2. Direct labor cost- Checking person or quality inspector or quality controller (Q.C),
  3. Direct expenses cost- Cost of re-checking,
  4. Overhead cost- Rent, power, salary, transportation charge etc.
Important Factors of Apparel Checking or Inspection Cost:
The below matters have significant impact on apparel inspection or checking cost in apparel manufacturing industry.
  • Style of apparel,
  • Apparel details,
  • Quality level.
Apparel Checking or Inspection Cost in Bangladesh:
The approximate checking or inspection costs for different garments are as follows:
SL No.
Types of Apparel
Checking or Inspection Cost
3.00 taka
1.50 taka
1.00 taka

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