Fiber Testing in Textile | Fiber Testing Machine | Fiber Testing Standards

What is Fiber Testing Machine or Equipment?

Fiber testing equipment is used for testing different types of fiber including cotton fiber, wool fiber, silk fiber, jute fiber, man-made fiber, etc. It is used to determine the physical properties of all types of fiber like fiber content, fiber fineness, fiber length, and tension strength, etc.
Fiber testing machine list
Fig: Fiber testing machine list

List of Fiber Testing Machine Used in Textile:

There are different types of testing machines that are used during fiber testing in the textile industry have presented in the following:

1. Saw Gin Portable Machine:
It is used to separate seeds from cotton fiber. After the ginning process, cotton fiber with leaf, trash, dust, etc. is collected, and cottonseed with a little clean lint is collected in another container.

2. Roller Gin Lab-type Machine:
Lab roller cotton ginning is applied for cotton research labs. It is also used for the small production of small and medium cotton factories.

3. Circular Locus Tester:
A circular locus tester is used to determine the surface deterioration and quality of different types of fabrics (wool, chemical fiber, mixed, kitted, and woven fabrics).

4. Fiber Fineness & Composition & Content Analyser:
It is used to determine the fineness of the fiber. It is also used to analyze the content and surface feature of textile fiber.

5. Photo Electricity Fiber Length Tester:
Photoelectricity fiber length tester is used to measure the length of cotton fiber by using photo-electricity technology. It is mainly used in the cotton inspection and purchasing for cotton spinning factories.

6. Single Yarn Strength Tester:
Single yarn strength tester is used to determine the breaking strength and elongation of single cotton, wool, and other yarns up to 50 N.

7. Trash Analyzer Machine:
This type of analyzer machine is used to analyze the trash, lint, and dust content within a sample of raw cotton fiber up to 100 grams.

8. Single Fiber Strength Tester:
Electronic single fiber strength tester is perfect for testing the tensile strength and elongation of chemical fiber, cotton fiber, wool fiber, ramie fiber, silk fiber, glass fiber, fine metallic thread, etc.

9. Saw Gin Floor-type Machine:
This type of ginning machine is used to separate seeds from cotton fiber. Cotton fiber with trash, leaf, and dust is collected after the ginning process, and cottonseed with a little clean lint is collected in another container.

10. Infrared Lab Dyeing Machine:
It is perfect for dyeing all types of fibers and substrates. This type of dyeing machine produces exact laboratory sample dyeing with level and reproducible results and accommodates up to 24 positions with a low liquor ratio for synthetic fibers and natural fibers.

List of Fiber Testing Standards Followed in Textile:

All the testing standards which are used during fiber testing have listed the below:
  • ISO 137,
  • ISO 1136,
  • ISO 2060,
  • ISO2062,
  • ISO 9237,
  • GB/T14344,
  • GB/T 4802.1-2008,
  • ASTM D1907/2260,
  • ASTM D737,
  • ASTM D2256,
  • AATCC 20/20A,
  • JB-T 7884.1,
  • IWTO-8-97.

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