Main Features of Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

Study on Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine in Textile:

Single jersey circular knitting machine is the most used knitting machine in textile knitting industry. In the past we have discussed about the features of rib circular knitting machine. Today we will discuss here about the common features of a single jersey circular knitting machine or plain circular latch needle machine. 

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Single jersey circular knitting machine
Fig: Single jersey circular knitting machine

Key Features of Plain Circular Latch Needle Machine Or Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine:

Various key features of single jersey circular knitting m/c or plain circular latch needle m/c has presented in the below:
  1. Singular jersey circular knitting m/c normally has rotating (clockwise) cylindrical needle bed (s).
  2. Single jersey fabric is produced by the plain circular latch needle machine.
  3. One set of latch needle is used in single jersey circular knitting m/c.
  4. Latch needle, cylinder and sinker ring revolve through the stationary knitting cam systems.
  5. Normally stationary angular cam systems are used for needle and sinker.
  6. Stationary yarn feeders are situated at regular intervals around the circumferences of the cylinder.
  7. For single jersey circular knitting m/c, holding down sinkers are used, one between every needle space.
  8. From the cones, yarn is supplied and placed either on an integral overhead bobbin stand or on a free standing creel through tensioners, stops motions and guide eyes down to the yarn feeder guides.
  9. Needle retaining spring is also used in this type of machine.
  10. In these types of knitting machine, knitted fabric is in tubular form which is drawn downwards from inside the needle cylinder by tension rollers and is wound onto the fabric batching roller of the winding down frame.
  11. The winding down mechanism revolves in rack over with the fabric tube.
  12. As the sinker cam plate is mounted outside on the needle circle, the center of the cylinder is open and the machine is referred to an open top or sinker top machine.

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