Knitting Technology | Definition and Types of Knitting

Definition of Knitting | Types of Knitting Machine

What is Knitting in Textile?
It is the process of producing fabric by transforming continuous stands of yarn into a series of interlocking loops, where each raw of such loops hanging from the one immediately preceding it.
Circular knitting machine used in knit fabric production
Circular knitting machine used in knit fabric production
It should be noted here that, interloping consists of forming yarns into loops. Each of which is typically only released after a succeeding loop has been formed and inter-meshed with it. It is the most used method interloping and is second choice only to weaving as the process of manufacturing textile products.

Classification of Knitting Machine:
Knitting machine is mainly classified into three, those are in the below:

  1. Warp knitting machine,
  2. Weft knitting machine,
  3. Other loop forming machine.
All the above knitting machines have also various derivatives, those are-

1. Warp knitting machine:
Warp knitting machine is two types:

  • United needle,
  • Independent needle.
Independent needle also classified into two types, where one is circular and another one is flat bed.
2. Weft knitting machine:
This type of knitting machine has also classified into two.

  • Independent needle,
  • United needle.
Independent needle has two types. The first one is flat bed and the other one is circular.

3. Other loop forming machine:
It has also two types, those are in the following:
  • ·United and independent needle
Ere, flat bed and circular is the two types of independent needle.
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  3. Mention the types of knitting machine used in knit fabric production.
  4. What are the types of warp knitting machine?
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  6. Point out the list of knitting machines used in textile.

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