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Overlock Sewing Machine in Apparel Industry:

Overlock stitching was invented by Merrow Machine Company in 1881.  J. Makens Merrow and his son Joseph Merrow had a knitting factory in 1838 where they tried various technological developments to facilitate their company operation. And the result is, for the first time, Merrow’s developed a sewing machine for crochet stitching. It should be noted here that, the Merrow’s machine company still produces crochet stitching machines based on this model. Crochet the stitching machine helps to develop over lock stitching which finally comes as true in 1989, where Joseph Merrow invented over the lock sewing machine.

Overlock sewing machine used in apparel sector
Fig: Overlock sewing machine used in the apparel sector

Key Features of Overlock Sewing Machine:

Overlock machine has various types of key features which have mentioned in the below:

  1. One or multiple numbers of needles is used in case of an over a lock sewing machine.
  2. An overlock sewing machine is used for both knitted and woven fabrics.
  3. The objects of single sewing thread using in overlock machine are “end to end seaming” for textile finishing.
  4. Edge trimmer knife is available here in front of the sewing needle.
  5. Stitch per minute (SPM) varies from 6500 to 8500 in case of an overlock.
  6. 1-5 numbers of sewing threads are used here.
  7. The objects of two sewing threads using is “edging and seaming” especially on woven and knit and finishing seam edges.
  8. The purposes of three sewing threads using are sewing pintucks and creating narrow rolled hems.
  9. The objects of four sewing threads using are decorative edging and finishing, also seaming high-stress areas.
  10. The main key point of five sewing threads using is to make safety stitches by using two sewing needles creating a very strong seam.
  11. In the case of an over a lock sewing machine, the maximum stitch length is four mm. but it can easily be adjusted by using a push-button system.

Different Parts of Overlock Sewing Machine:

In the apparel manufacturing industry, an overlock sewing m/c consists of the below parts:

  1. Adjusting screw,
  2. Oil cap,
  3. Thread guide,
  4. Thread tension spring,
  5. Eye guard,
  6. Model plate,
  7. Push-button,
  8. Cylinder cover,
  9. Presser’s arm,
  10. Presser foot release,
  11. Differential lever,
  12. Tape Guide,
  13. Belt cover,
  14. Oil sight gauge,
  15. Front cover,
  16. Indicate lamp,
  17. Metering devices,
  18. Roller,
  19. Presser footer.

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