Textile Waste Definition | Clothing Waste | Types of Textile Waste

Textile Wastage or Waste: Definition and Different Types

Wastage in Textile and Apparel Manufacturing Factory:

Waste or wastage has great impact on the profit percentage of textile and apparel business. Wastage will hit at your bottom line directly. It will destroy your whole effort, investment, time by reducing profit rather than increasing of profit. You can save thousands of dollars by decreasing or reducing wastage in textile and apparel manufacturing process.
Wastage in textile and apparel industry
Wastage in textile and apparel industry
What is Textile Waste or Wastage?

Wastage is a redundant material which cannot be used anymore or worthless. In most of the manufacturing process, wastage is inevitable. It is the difference between the amount of input and the amount of output expressed in percentage. When an input material passes through several stages of different processes before converted into a finished output.

Some wastage of materials takes place in due to different reasons like trial run, machine breakdown, poor quality raw material, inferior workmanship, shrinkage, evaporation etc.

Wastage may be in the forms of left over raw materials, scraps, rejections, test run etc. due to these wastages, the amount of output will be less than the amount of input.

Types of Wastage in Textile and Apparel Sector:

There are mainly two types of wastage in textile and apparel industry, where one is normal wastage and another one is abnormal wastage.

1. Normal Wastage:

Normal wastage is the wastage which is inherent in the manufacturing process even when the manufacturing process is carried out in efficient and effective operating condition. This may occur due to the following reasons:

  • The exact measurement of some materials is not feasible.
  • There may be a difference between the unit of purchase and unit of issue.
  • Due to the evaporation, shrinkage etc.

The cost of this wastage has to be added to the manufacturing cost. Thus the normal wastage becomes the part of manufacturing cost.

2. Abnormal Wastage:
Abnormal wastage is any types of wastage apart from the normal wastage. This may be due to poor material handling, negligence, poor process standards, rework etc. There are a key difference between normal wastage and abnormal wastage. In case of abnormal wastage, the cost of abnormal wastage should not be added into the manufacturing cost.

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