Types of Fabric Dyeing Machine Used in Wet Processing

Classification of Fabric Dyeing Machine

How to Dye Fabric in Textile?
In a normal sense, at first, you have to soak the fabric in hot water for five minutes. After that, have to remove it with the tongs. Now, you should place the fabric in the dye solution. Here, you must stir it constantly for 20 to 30 minutes. Until the water runs clear, rinse the fabric in warm water, and then cool water. By using mild detergent, you have to wash the fabric in warm water and then put it in the dryer.

List of Fabric Dyeing Machine Used in Textile Wet Processing:

All the fabric dyeing machines have listed in the following:

  1. Jigger dyeing machine,
  2. Pad or padding mangle dyeing machine,
  3. Jet dyeing machine,
  4. High-temperature winch dyeing machine,
  5. Winch dyeing machine,
  6. Beam dyeing machine,
  7. Solvent dyeing machine,
  8. Molter metal stands fast dyeing machine.
All the above dyeing machines have also some types which are mentioned in the below-

1. Jigger Dyeing Machine:
  • Closed jigger dyeing machine,
  • Mather and Platt jigger dyeing machine.
  • Cyclotric high-performance jigger.
2. Pad or Padding mangle Dyeing Machine:
  • Two bowls padding mangle dyeing machine,
  • Three bowls padding mangle dyeing machine,
  • Haubold padding mangle dyeing machine,
  • Fiber bowl padding mangle dyeing machine,
  • Zittau bowl padding mangle dyeing machine.
3. Jet Dyeing Machine:
  • Jet dyeing machine with additional winches,
  • Special temperature winches,
  • Fully folded jet dyeing machine,
  • Partially folded jet dyeing machine.
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