Apparel Checking Methods | Quality Checking List of Apparel Industry

What is Apparel Checking Or Inspection?

Checking is an activity where the stitched apparel will be visually inspected for any faults or defects or poor workmanship which will not meet the required quality parameters.
Apparel checking or inspection process in clothing industry
Fig: Apparel checking or inspection process in clothing industry

The defects which are identified will be rectified if possible or if cannot, those will be marked with the help of arrow sticker and that particular piece will be rejected. Only good quality pieces will be passed for the next process. Here, the uncut protruding sewing threads also will be trimmed in the checking activity.

Apparel Checking Process Flow Chart:

The process sequence in the checking process is as given in the below:

Checking or inspection
Defect identification
Rectification (If necessary)

Quality Checking Points in Apparel Production:

Clothing inspector or quality controller must have to check the below checking points during inspection.

1. Cutting Quality Checking or Inspection Points: 
It includes the below checking points-
  • Measurement chart checking,
  • Cutting lay checking,
  • Fabric diameter checking,
  • Shade checking of fabric roll,
  • Bundle checking,
  • G.S.M check of fabric,
  • Size mistake checking,
  • Fabric color mistake checking.

2. Sewing Quality Checking or Inspection Points:
It includes the below checking or inspection points:

  • Input fabric checking,
  • Fabric size checking,
  • Bundle checking,
  • Size checking,
  • Stitch per inch (SPI) checking,
  • Apparel measurement chart checking,
  • Style of apparel checking,
  • Contrast color checking,
  • Front part checking,
  • Back part checking,
  • Stitch tension checking for all the sewing machines,
  • Thread tension checking of all sewing machines,
  • Embroidery and print placement checking,
  • Sewing defects checking,
  • Oil mark checking,
  • Label checking i.e. size label, care label, price label etc.
  • Sewing thread shade variation checking,
  • Alter checking.

3. Finishing Quality Checking or Inspection Points:
It includes-

  • Iron checking,
  • Quality of print and embroidery checking,
  • Dirty spot checking,
  • Oil spot checking,
  • Trim card checking,
  • All types of label checking,
  • Poly size checking,
  • Price sticker checking,
  • Hang tag checking,
  • Quantity of each carton pcs checking,
  • Carton size checking.

4. Fabric Store Quality Checking or Inspection.

5. Trims & Accessory Quality Checking or Inspection.

6. Cutting Room Quality Checking or Inspection.

7. Printing Quality Checking or Inspection.

8. Embroidery Quality Checking or Inspection.

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