Working Principle of Sectional Warping Machine in Textile

Principle of Sectional Warping Machine in Textile

Sectional Warping Process in Textile:

Sectional warping is one of the important processes of textile weaving where equal length of yarn is wound first in small sheets or sections on a drum. After that, it is transferred to the beam from the drum in the form of a sheet. This type of warping is a two stage process which is used to produce fancy fabrics by using color and weave effect. Sectional warping is also known as pattern warping, indirect warping, drum warping and band warping. There are some Major difference between sectional warping and high speed warping.
Sectional warping process in textile
Fig: Sectional warping process in textile
Working Procedure of Sectional Warping Machine in Textile Weaving:

The working principle of a sectional warping machine is as follows:

  1. Yarn ends supplied from creel are spaced very closely and thus form a warp sheet. This sheet is wound on a beam. The width of the beam between flanges is equal to the loom warp set width of the section sheet. The no. of section beams is determined by respective no. of ends in the section and the complete warp.
  2. Each such sheet of warp ends is called a section.
  3. Stability of the yarn build of the first section on the reel is obtained by moving the section sheet laterally at a regular rate fitted at one end of reel.
  4. When the first section is completed, then the others of its build on the drum is replica of the original incline sections to the number required for the complete warp are wound on the next section.
  5. Fancy warps are prepared by dressing yarn packages in the creel for each section in conformity with warp pattern plan.
  6. Section sheets are attached to a beam and withdrawn simultaneously from the reel by rotation of the beam. For winding the warp on to the beam, this unrolling is controlled to provide accurate warp tension in textile weaving.
  7. As beaming off proceeds, the warp beam is moved laterally at the same ate but in the direction opposite to that of the section during warping. This confirms that the complete warp sheet runs from the reel to between the beam flanges without the necessity for lateral deviation.

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