Band Knife Cutting Machine Features | Band Knife Cutting Machine Manual

Band Knife Cutting Machine in Garment Industry:

Band knife cutting machine is important equipment which is often used in a garments manufacturing factory. Though a band knife cutting machine is not popular as a straight knife cutting machine some key features present the total activities for that. This article has pointed out all the features of the band knife cutting machines for easy understanding about it.

Band knife cutting machine used in apparel industry
Fig: Band knife cutting machine used in the apparel industry

Features of Band Knife Cutting Machine:

Each band knife machine contains some characteristics which are mentioned below:

  1. In the case of the band knife cutting m/c, the knife is in band form, so it is called a band knife cutting m/c.
  2. A definitely sized table is used here for supporting the fabric cutting.
  3. Band knife cutting m/c is used for cutting the fabric rolls without cardboard inner tube.
  4. This type of cutting m/c has done its job automatically according to the height of the relevant material.
  5. In the case of a band knife cutting m/c, an endless knife is used.
  6. Here, the band knife is fixed but the fabric is moveable.
  7. Band knife cutting m/c is endless and looks like a loop.
  8. In-band knife cutting m/c, the high-speed motor is used.
  9. Balls in the air blower help to move the fabric in a different direction.
  10. Band knife is usually narrower than a straight knife.
  11. In the case of a band knife cutting m/c, the automatic grinder is used.
  12. Here, block pieces of fabric are required to cut.
  13. Band knife cutting m/c comprises a series of three or more pulleys, which provide the continuous rotating motion of the knife.
  14. Here, an air blower blows the air to minimize the weight of the fabric.
  15. Here, knife lifetime dependent on the types of fabric and use of the machine.
  16. Here the saw-mill technique is applied for fabric cutting.
  17. Band knife cutting m/c is not popular as a straight knife but it’s used in special cases.

Method of Fabric Cutting By Band Knife Cutting Machines:

The below processes have to maintain to cut the fabric by using this machine:

  1. At first, clean the table,
  2. Spread the paper,
  3. Spread the fabric,
  4. Should attach the tape,
  5. Spread the marker,
  6. Now, start the cutting process,
  7. Stickering in cutting fabric,
  8. Bundle the cut fabric,
  9. Checking all the cut panel,
  10. Now, it’s ready for the sewing process.

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