Functions of Compactor Machine in Textile Sector

Compactor Machine: 
Compactor machine is one of the textile finishing machines which is used specially for compacting 100% cotton knitted fabric such as jersey, pique, interlock, plush, rib and sinker etc. Compactor machine is also used for cotton blended fabric in rope form. This types of machine changes the dimensional stability of the fabric and presents those into plaited form. As its importance in textile sector, now I will present the key applications or uses or functions of compactor machine in this article.
Compactor machine used in textile sector
Compactor machine used in textile sector
Specifications of Compactor Machine: 
Name of Specifications
Value of Specifications
Category of Product
Category of Machine
Name of Product
Compactor Machine
Model of Product
According to textile company
Manufacturer/ Brand
Name of Manufacturer of textile company
Class of Product
Power of Machine
30Kw, 380v
Temperature or Machine
Working width
Mechanical speed
3~35m per minute
Temperature of cylinder
Pressure of compressed air
Pressure of steam
Adjustable width of cloth
Motor power
Dimension of Machine
Description of Machine
Used in Textile Factory
Application Or Uses of Compactor Machine in Textile Industry: 
Compactor machine has done a lot of technical works, which are mentioned in the below:

  1. It controls the shrinkage of fabric.
  2. Fabric GSM can be controlled by using compactor machine. In case of high GSM, overfeed of compactor machine is increased; as a result, fabric width is decreased. In case of low GSM, overfeed of compactor machine is decreased; as a result, fabric width is increased.
  3. It improves the opacity of the fabric.
  4. It has a significant contribution in twisting control.
  5. Smoothness of fabrics will be increased by using this machine.
  6. It imports different degree of luster to the fabric.
  7. It compresses the fabric and reduces the thickness.
  8. It helps to control proper fabric width.
  9. It upgrades the fabric hand feel and import a silky touch to the fabric.
  10. Heat setting in fabric has done by using this machine.
  11. It also reduces the yarn slippage.
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