Checking Parameters of Compactor Machine in Textile

Compacting Process in Textile Finishing:
To get better output from a compactor machine in textile sector, different key parameters should be checked in regular basis. Otherwise it will create problem during finishing production. As its importance in textile sector, those parameters have explained in this article very clearly.
Open width compactor machine used in textile
Open width compactor machine used in textile
Checking Parameters of Compactor Machine in Textile Sector:
There are different key parameters of compactor machine, which should be checked perfectly during operation. Those checking parameters are mentioned in the below:

  1. Shade check,
  2. Width check,
  3. Weight check,
  4. Fabrics fault check,
  5. Edge line checking,
  6. Design & Slanting.
All the above key parameters have explained in the following:

1. Shade check:
Fabric shade should be checked in the delivery side of the machine after compacting the fabric. Operator collects the fabric and checked by following buyers provided approved swatch after compacting the fabrics.

2. Checking width:
According to the buyers provided approved measurement chart, operator will check the fabric width by using measurement tape during running the machine. Operator should take necessary steps to keep actual fabric width if fabric has higher width than required width.

3. Weight check:
According to the buyers required weight, operator should check the fabric weight here. In this stage, operator used electronic balance and GSM cutter to measure the fabric weight.

4. Fabrics fault check:
During fabric compacting, various kinds of fabrics faults raised which has to check in the delivery side of the compactor machine and takes necessary steps to solve those.
5. Edge line checking:
In the delivery side of the machine, two edges of the fabric should be checked. If any fix line is identified, which normally occurs from the expander it should be connected.
6. Design & Slanting:
Here, machine operator has to check design and slanting at the delivery side of the machine. It is one of the most important checking parameter of a compactor machine.

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