Tricot Warp Knitting Machine Used in textile Industry

Tricot Warp Knitting Machine in Textile:
In knitting industry, there are two types of warp knitting machine mainly used i.e. Tricot warp knitting machine and Rachel warp knitting machine. Tricot warp knitting machine has a great importance in producing warp knitted fabrics as Rachel warp knitting machine. As its importance, this article has presented the features of Tricot warp knitting machine.
Tricot warp knitting machine used in textile
Tricot warp knitting machine used in textile
Features of Tricot Knitting Machine in Textile Sector:
The main features of tricot warp knitting machine have mentioned in the below:

  1. It has a gauge which is expressed in needle per inch and chain link numbering 0, 1, 2, 3 etc.
  2. It’s seen that, tricot machine is used the bearded needles with a pressure bar.
  3. The produced knit fabric is drawn away towards the batching roller almost at right angles to the needle bar.
  4. Here, the warp sheets pass over the top of the guide bar rocker shaft to their tension rails which are situated at the front of the tricot warp knitting machine.
  5. In tricot warp knitting machine, mechanical tension of the knitting elements is carried out at the front of the machine as the beams prevent across to the back.
  6. In this case, the guide bars are numbered from the back towards the front of the machine due to the threading sequence.
  7. Here, knitting action occurs at gentle and very low tension.
  8. In tricot warp knitting machine, the sinkers are joined to each other at the front and back, which never move clear of the needles as they combine the functions of holding down, knocking over and supporting the fabric.
  9. In tricot warp knitting machine, the warp beams are accommodated in an inclined arc towards the back of the machine with the top beam which supplying the front guide bar and the bottom beam supplying the back guide bar.
  10. One important point should be noted here that, as the entire warp sheets are drawn over the rocker shaft to the machine. It is so much easier to thread up the guide bars indicating with the needle bar.
  11. In case of tricot knitting machine, fine gauge is 28-44 needle per inch (NPI).
  12. This kind of machine is ideal for the high speed production.
Different Parts of Tricot Warp Knitting Machine:
Tricot warp knitting machine consists of the below parts:

  1. Compound needle,
  2. Needle bar,
  3. Cloth roller,
  4. Pattern chain,
  5. Take-up mechanism,
  6. Warp beam,
  7. Pattern drum,
  8. Toothed belt/ Timing belt,
  9. Sliding latch,
  10. Intermediate shaft,
  11. Guide bar,
  12. Bottom Beam,
  13. Sinker & sinker bar,
  14. Sliding latch bar,
  15. Comb,
  16. Link,
  17. Rocker shaft,
  18. Main shaft,
  19. Let-off mechanism.

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