Working Procedure of Super Lap Former Machine in Spinning

Super Lap Machine in Textile Spinning:

Super lap former machine is widely used in modern system of spinning for the lap preparation. The main purpose of using this spinning machine is to increase the weight per unit length. Super lap former machine is consists with some key adjustments such as auto grain adjuster, auto stop motion, auto leveling, auto lap carrying device, indicator light for faulty location and lap length measuring unit etc. This article has presented a details discussion on the working principle of super lap former machine with machine specifications.
Super lap former machine used in spinning
Super lap former machine used in spinning
Main Parts of Super Lap Former Machine in Spinning:
All the parts of a super lap former machine are-

  1. Lap polling carriage and lap polling scale,
  2. Lap roller,
  3. Lap rod,
  4. Dust cage,
  5. Evener device,
  6. Calendar roller,
  7. Fan,
  8. Delivery lattice.
Working Principle of Super Lap Former Machine in Textile:
The total super lap former machine description and material passage flow chart have presented in the following:

  1. There are three creels, three zones and three different feed plates in this machine. Here, 48-60 slivers (in each creel 16-20slivers) are fed at a time.
  2. The slivers are passed through 3 over 2 drafting system, made up of pair of back rollers.
  3. After drafting the webs are led through the pairs of calendar rollers and along a table where they are superimposed, calendared and made into a lap.
  4. Stop motions are fitted to all the rollers including the calendar rollers and an indicating light is fitted there.
  5. Here, doffing of full laps and threading are fully automatic.
Machine Specification of Super Lap Machine in Spinning:
Machine specification of super lap machine has mentioned in the below:

  • Draft: 3-8
  • Lap weight per yds: 700-1200 grain per yds,
  • Doubling: it’s up to 32,
  • Delivery speed: 70-110 meter per minute,
  • Capacity: 7 combers per lap former,
  • Total weight: it’s up to 25kg,
  • Machine efficiency: 95%
Advantages of Super Lap Former Machine in Textile Spinning:
Some key advantages of super Lap former machine have listed in the following:

  1. These types of machine increase the weight per unit length.
  2. It also increases the weight per unit length variation.
  3. Also increases uniformity.

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